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drozlogoDr. Oz specializes in introducing medical news and breakthroughs to a wide audience, using visually creative and simple ways to convey medical science to his audience. One of the topics he frequently discusses is the value and science behind nutrients and supplements. One supplement Dr. Oz has featured on his television show is Ubiquinol.

As Dr. Oz and his guests described, Ubiquinol is vital to healthy functioning of the human body. It provides many benefits when there are sufficient levels of it for all cells. Ubiquinol has been shown to lower blood pressure, and it also supports good cholesterol levels. It can also help ward off some of the CoQ10-depleting side effects of statin drugs, which are prescribed to millions of people to help control cholesterol production.

Ubiquinol supports healthy energy levels because it is a key nutrient in the process that cells use to create energy. Without Ubiquinol, the ability of cells to generate energy is seriously compromised and significant fatigue can result. Ubiquinol also acts as a powerful antioxidant, preventing damage to cells from oxidative stress due to free radical molecules. This kind of damage accumulates in cells over time and is suspected to be one of the main causes of aging and age-related diseases. Ubiquinol is a strong support for the cardiovascular system and for neurological health. It may also help prevent heart disease and strokes.