Be Heart Healthy

yay-9358528-digitalIf the heart is unhealthy, the whole body suffers. The heart and blood vessels reach through the entire body and form the crucial system that provides nutrients and oxygen for every single part of the body. When this comprehensive system becomes damaged or compromised, the entire body is affected along with it.

Keeping a healthy, strong heart starts with making healthy choices. Plenty of exercise, getting enough sleep, and eating a good diet are all simple actions with big benefits when it comes to heart health. Most of the nutrients we need come from what we eat, but there are notable exceptions. Vitamin D is one of them, which we get mainly from sunlight. Another nutrient that doesn’t mainly come from food is a less familiar nutrient named Ubiquinol.

Ubiquinol is one form of the enzyme called CoQ10. It is mainly created inside the body by biosynthesis and is vital to having good health because it is required for all cells to create energy. Ubiquinol is an oxygen carrier; it brings oxygen inside cells so it can fuel the chemical chain reaction that releases energy. Organs with high energy needs have equally high levels of Ubiquinol to support them, and the heart has the highest natural level of Ubiquinol of any organ in the body. So having enough Ubiquinol is critical to keeping a strong, steady heart.

Because we don’t get most of our Ubiquinol from food, developing a deficiency can become a serious problem.

yay-10003046-digitalIf the body becomes unable to create enough Ubiquinol internally, fatigue and other serious health issues can result. The body’s ability to create Ubiquinol decreases over time. Some classes of prescription drugs, including statin drugs prescribed to manage cholesterol, can also negatively affect the body’s ability to produce and maintain normal levels of Ubiquinol.

Whether or not you are aware of a deficiency or think you need more Ubiquinol, you may benefit from taking a daily supplement to make sure you have enough of this important nutrient. CoQ10 supplements are a traditional method for raising Ubiquinol levels because they are made with the same essential nutrient. But CoQ10 supplements are based on an inactive form of the nutrient, which the body needs to convert to Ubiquinol before it is useable. Ubiquinol supplements are made using the active Ubiquinol, the form of CoQ10 that the body actually needs. Providing the nutrient in the correct form improves absorption and ensures that you have enough Ubiquinol to keep your heart, and your whole body, healthy.